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Monday, 6 February 2012

New Trannddy Pixie Hairstyles

In the past, pixie cut is such short haircuts that the hair is trimmed over the ear. Its characteristics includes multilayered and usually tie in with wispy bangs. The obvious trait of a pixie haircut is close crop that hair is trimmed very short and close to your head. Its length is about two to three inches.

However, nowadays, pixie haircuts have already evolved into a considerable variety of style. Pixie haircut is not restricted to short hair length. It allows hair being longer. Usually leave longer hair in the rear of the head or at the both sides of the face. You can wear pretty barrette, ribbon or headbands to keep hair as you like. On condition that you use your originality and creativity, you can have individualized hairstyles according to your age, hair texture and personality.

Besides, you can consider adding color on your pixie haircut in order to incorporate your peculiar style. For elder woman, short and dyed pixie hairstyle reduces quantity of grayish white hair. For younger ladies, highlight hair can make you appear energetic.

Many mature women adore short pixie haircut because it make them look lively and teems with vitality. Short pixie hairstyle can show mature women’s self-confidence and display pretty contours of their face.

Typically, Cloris Leachman is one of beloved elder female impersonators. She has engaged in performance for many years. At seventy-nine years old, she cut short pixie hairstyles. Her short pixie haircut flatters her and makes her look younger. When you can careful observe our model in our website’s photo, you will also discover pixie haircut’s charming. It is very easy to fix, maintain, shampoo, and style your hair so it is suitable for those people who are always busy at work.

Although the hair is trimmed shortly, you still have a lot alternative of styling short pixie haircut.

The pixie haircut well matches those people with fine-boned face because it highlights your eyes and displaces your pretty facial characteristics.

Pixie Haircut Styling Steps

   1. Wash your hair with appropriate shampoo and hair conditioner.
   2. Wipe your hair with a dry towel and put small amount of firm hair gel or styling foam on your tip of fingers.
   3. Blow your hair with hair dryer and fluff up your hair with your finger at the same time in order to increase volume and make trendy slightly disheveled look.
   4. While drying, comb your hair on both side and top of head back.
   5. You can choose to comb some of your haircut at side of head straight       down or have floppy fringe to soften the look.

    6. Finally spray hair styling product onto the hair to hold its shape.

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